Vermont Casting Resolute Acclaim

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Vermont Casting Resolute

Vermont Casting Resolute

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Casting Resolute Acclaim


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Vermont Casting Resolute Acclaim
The remarkably efficient and remarkably beautiful way to heat your home. Resolute Acclaim non-catalytic wood stoves features a conventional non-catalytic combustion system that works like this: 1. Primary air enters the stove through an access hole in the bottom of the stove. The air is preheated as it is drawn through the interior walls of the stove. As this primary combustion air enters the firebox above the glass door, it effectively washes the glass, thus maintaining a cleaner view of the fire. 2. To achieve greater efficiency, secondary air enters the firebox bringing about the secondary phase of combustion. Secondary combustion reduces the amount of unburned gases. Product Features High efficiency - more heat from less wood Pull-out ashpan Clean, convenient top and conventional front loading Polished cooking griddle Low smoke emissions Leg levelers for uneven hearth Optional features: Custom sparkscreen for open door fire viewing Choice of Classic Black or four porcelain enamel colors: Bordeaux, Biscuit, Ebony Black or Vermont Classic Green Matching enamel pipe Clearance reducing custom heat shields Handy warming shelves with mitten racks Outside air kit 6" cast iron flue collar Product Specifications Log Length (Max.) 16 in. Burn Time (Max.) 9 hours BTU/h (Max.) 40,000 BTU BTU/hr Range EPA Test Method 9,500 to 33,900 BTU/hr Weight 425 lbs. Heating Area (Max) 1600 sq. ft. EPA Emissions Rating 3.4 (grams/hr) Efficiency 72.1 % Flue Collar Size Round 6 in. Flue Collar Reversible YES Combustion Technology Non-catalytic Firebox Lining Brick Rear clearances (with optional shields) 15 in. to combustibles Mobile Home Kit (U.S. only) YES MHSC Home Site Terms & Privacy Policy Consumer Internet Sales Policy Copyright © 2009 MHSC, All Rights Reserved.